Having a small kitchen can be frustrating and make the space feel much smaller than it really is. If you are thinking of an upgrade but don't know how to make your kitchen reach its best potential despite its small square footage, use this guide to help you out. Here are some remodeling ideas you can consider that can make your smaller kitchen appear larger than it really is.

Try New Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors can give your kitchen greater depth while allowing you to see exactly where all your kitchen essentials are. Make your kitchen feel even larger by adding some light to your new cabinetry via having small track lights installed under the woodwork. The effect will be modern and alluring, which is exactly what you want in your smaller kitchen. As a bonus, cooking can become even more fun as you are able to see exactly what you are doing with handy lighting.

If you don't have the budget to upgrade your cabinet doors, consider pulling them off completely for an open-cabinet appeal. Losing your bulky cabinet doors can open up your kitchen while also giving it more dimension. The appeal is also unique, trending and very easy for your remodeling contractor to accomplish for you as a simple upgrade. 

Install Shelving for Appliance

If your microwave, mixer or other kitchen appliance is taking up too much counter space, you can upgrade your kitchen simply having little nooks installed in your walls. These nooks can be used to house appliances you regularly need while opening up your counter areas for food preparation tasks. Talk to your kitchen remodeling expert about installing shelving for storing cookbooks and appliances to make your kitchen much easier to work in. 

Consider a Skylight

Skylights are energy efficient and allow more natural light to filter into your living space, which can make any area of your home appear larger and more inviting. Talk to your kitchen remodeling expert about adding a skylight to your small kitchen so it can have the appearance of being larger without having to expand the space. 

Add a Pull-Out Pantry

A pull-out pantry is a thin shelving unit that is placed on rollers to be installed in an area of your kitchen where you can easily access it. Remodeling contractors often place these convenient pantries next to fridges, by cupboards, or even inside current pantry areas. You can store a large supply of canned and boxed goods in this inches-wide pantry, pulling it out whenever you need to grab something to prepare. 

Consider adding a pull-out pantry in your kitchen if you don't have room to add more cabinet space, yet you have more kitchen items than you know what to do with. Having this handy and convenient kitchen addition installed will free up counter space while allowing you to be more productive in the kitchen. 

Before You Remodel

Before you undergo your kitchen remodel, take pictures of your current kitchen space so you can show your remodeling contractor where you would like to improve your cooking area. They can help you decide what upgrades will work best for your home based on your budget, design ideas and other factors. 

Your remodeling contractor can help you transform your small kitchen into a workable space you will love to entertain and cook in. When you choose Showcase Kitchens Inc. to remodel your small kitchen, you choose experts who care about making your living space more enjoyable. Allow us to help you make your kitchen one of your favorite spaces in your home by giving us a call today.