Few homeowners give much thought to the design and décor of the laundry room. But a laundry room remodel is a great chance to have fun and create a functional space that can make your life easier. To get you started, here are five laundry room design tips for any budget. 

Make It Multifunctional

Unless you already have a mudroom or other kid-friendly backyard entrance planned, the laundry room can serve dual purposes. By placing it in the rear of the house and including an outside entrance, you can divert messy foot traffic through this area that's tailor-made for dirt and debris removal. Your laundry room should already come with a drain and hard floors, so turning it into a mini mudroom is a simple change. 

Other great uses for a laundry room with an external entry door include storage of pet items, gardening supplies and an overflow pantry for large families. 

Go Beyond the Appliances

When you think of a laundry room, you probably envision a washer and dryer and maybe a place to hang delicate clothes. But today's laundry rooms can be much more than that. What can you include to make laundry tasks easier? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Pull-down or built-in drying rack (preferably in the sunlight)
  • Multiunit laundry sorter with labels
  • Drop-down ironing board
  • Deep laundry- and outdoor-tool sink
  • Folding station with overhead hanging rods

Even in a small space, you and your contractor can often fit many of these convenience features. And be sure to design them in ways that even the children can reach and use them. 

Include Lots of Storage

Laundry rooms are usually fairly small and end up being a catch-all both for laundry-related items and unrelated things. Keep this room free of clutter by building a lot of closed storage into the original design. If space is at a premium, be sure to use custom cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling and down to the floor. 

Built-in benches can include cabinets both above and below. Hooks on the walls will keep jackets and hanging items out of the way. And temporary storage units like wire racks, wooden bins and baskets help organize everything from laundry detergent to pet supplies. 

Add Work Space

Never underestimate how much space you'll need to make the laundry area functional and efficient. Installing a few extra feet of counter space might seem like overkill now, but it will come in handy when you're folding, sorting and pressing clothing. 

And be sure to make the room itself wide enough that you can comfortably move around (and allow foot traffic to pass) even with a family-size washer and dryer installed. 

Don't Forget to Have Fun

Few outsiders will see your laundry room, so it's a great chance to indulge your personality, interests or artistic side. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors that might seem a little outside your comfort zone or decorate in a unique style that doesn't match the public areas of the house. This is your room, so embrace it! 

Warming up this potentially cold work space will help you enjoy working in it and make it feel more like a part of the house rather than a place only for chores. Add comfort features like fun flooring tiles, plenty of natural lighting, an audio-visual entertainment system and artwork on the walls. 

No matter whether you have a big space to work with or a tiny alcove, you can create a laundry room that will keep your family organized and sparkling clean. Showcase Kitchens Inc. in Green Bay offers free, in-home consultations to help you get started finding the right room for your family's needs. Why not give them a call today?