KitchenRemodeling your kitchen is one of the best investments you can make concerning getting a good return. Indeed, according to Remodeling, the return on investment for a major kitchen remodel is trending up. That said, many homeowners remodel their kitchen simply because they want a space that's more efficient and comfortable to use.

When you're planning a remodel, naturally you have a budget. There are numerous upgrades you may be considering, and you're not sure which ones will truly benefit you. Below are four kitchen upgrades that are worth the investment. 

Granite Countertops
One of the upgrades potential home buyers look for is granite in the kitchen, specifically for the countertops. It's a prime material for kitchen countertops because it's low-maintenance yet highly durable. Granite also comes in so many color and pattern options that it's certain to fit into any kitchen color scheme and style. 

Besides color and pattern, the two main choices for granite are finish and edging options. A polished finish is the most popular because the glossy surface is non-porous and scratch-resistant. However, honed and leathered finishes hide blemishes better while still being resistant to stains. 

For edging options, the standard eased edge is popular because it fits all kitchen styles. However, upgraded edges include beveled and either half bullnose or full bullnose. These still match most styles. Specialty edges include elaborate ogee and waterfall edging - these are appropriate for formal kitchen styles. 

Custom Cabinet Doors
One of the biggest surface areas in your kitchen is the cabinetry. As such, the façade has a big impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen. Even if you opt for stock cabinet boxes, consider customized cabinet doors. 

One of the most common upgrades is replacing some of the wooden panels with glass. You can choose single panels or multiple panes. It's also possible to have trim applied so it creates curves or angles across the glass. You can also choose another material, such as metal mesh, in lieu of glass panels to open up the façade of the kitchen cabinetry. 

Another common upgrade is adding furniture detailing to the cabinet doors and frames. This can include crown molding, corbels, columns, and feet. This is appropriate for traditional and old-world styles because it gives your cabinets the look of furniture. 

Integrated Appliances
In that vein, many homeowners prefer the cabinetry be the main part of the profile of their kitchen. It's possible to hide both the refrigerator and the dishwasher behind wood or wood-look panels. By camouflaging rather than relocating the appliances, you maintain the integrity of the work triangle. 

Wood can be vulnerable to moisture, which is why some homeowners choose wood-look panels as fronts for their appliances. It's also possible to have the panel customized with a specialized finish or even a painting, though this adds to the price tag. 

Customized Storage
Because the kitchen is such a hard-working space, you probably have a lot of utensils and small appliances. There are numerous customization options to create cabinet and drawer interiors that facilitate your tasks. These can range from small compartments for utensils to hidden shelves for small appliances. 

Many homeowners are using customized storage to use up all available space. For instance, if you have a narrow space between an appliance and the cabinetry, you could have a pull-out cabinet installed. Tall and narrow, this cabinet can be customized with shelving for dry goods or utensils. Another option is installing kick drawers under your standard cabinets. 

Kitchen upgrades add value to your home because they both beautify the room and facilitate kitchen tasks. Once you've planned your remodel budget, visit Showcase Kitchens Inc. to start planning the remodel job.